Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!
                                  Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!


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Cecila recently performed at Perry County Youth Art Day, where she was was given a rating of superior and excellent scores.  She played Gavotte by Gossic and Les Plasirs from the Suite in a minor by Telemann.  Excellent job to this 10 year old flute player!

Great news for hardworking student, Jacey!

A huge congratulations goes to Jacey Crayton for making it into State Orchestra, and upon re-auditions, was able to keep her first chair position!  This is the second year in a row that she made it into State Orchestra, after a strenuous run thru-out the season at Districts and Regionals!
Jacey will also attend West Virginia University in the Fall of 2018, to study flute performance.
She also was the winner of the Harrisburg Youth Symphony's Concerto competition, and she will be performing the Reineke Concerto with the symphony on May 13, 2018.

Congratulations to Alyssia!  

Alyssia was accepted into the music education department at Messiah College

and will begin her freshmen year in the fall of 2018!

McKenna recently accepted as a music composition major at Furman University!




Mckenna has been a flute student of Molly's for over 6 years and started composing in high school.  She has composed flute pieces for our flute ensembles, as well.  We are very excited that she is continuing on in music and will be playing her flute in college!

Michele won a spot in the United States Marine Band!



This is one happy flutist!  Michele had only 2 days to prepare her music for an online audition, and she quickly and furiously learned about 12 excerpts and pieces on piccolo and flute to send in.   About a week later,  the marine band  informed her that they wanted to audition her in person about. After this audition,  Michele then was accepted into their program. 


Upon graduation from high school, Michele will attend their boot camp, then a music school for a few months,  and then she will tour with the marine band for 3 years, playing 400 concerts a year.  After that, she can decide to go to college or perhaps remain in the band as  a life-long musician. 



A very big congratulations to Michele, and we wish her the best of luck!  

Congrats to students who made it into 2018 PMEA District Band, 2 of which are heading to regionals!



Michele is 2nd chair in District 7 lower, and Jacey is 1st chair!

Both are going to participate in Region V band in February. 



This is Marissa's second year in district band, and she is a freshman this year.  


Perfect 5th recital Pictures, November 2017!  Great job to those who particpated!

Yay for flutists interested in Jazz!

Hailey is excited to have auditioned successfully for her school's Jazz band!  She studies classical and jazz flute in her lessons.  Great job, Hailey!


Recent Honor's Band Nominees

Yet another hard-working student is achieving honors!  Amber recently wwas nominated to be in her county's honors band!  Great Job, Amber, and have fun!

Cograts to Kayla!!! She is one of my most hardworking students and already is way ahead for only being in 6th grade!  She was nominated for and participated in Honors band in the fall of 2017.  Great Job, Kayla!


Finalist in Concerto Competition!!!

Jacey recently became a finalist in the West Shore Symphony's Concerto Competition!  She will be performing in the final round on January 5, 2018.  Good luck, Jacey!


Great Job in County Orchestra! 

Jacey was piccolist in November, 2017 County Orchestra this year.  Great Job!


Marissa was honored to be chosen for 1st Chair flute in County Orchestra this year!  Marissa was only a freshman, so that is a difficult feat to achieve!

                      Exciting news for Michele!

Michele recently successfully auditioned and made it into Oberlin Conservatory's Summer Flute Academy!  She is one of 18 students from across the country who is selected to be a part of this wonderful learning experience.  Not only that, but she has her hands full this year, as senior drum major for her marching band!

                    Congratulations to Jacey!

Jacey was recently honored to be one of six semi-finalists in the U.S. Navy Band's Young Artist Solo Competition! She was honored to perform and compete in the final round of the competition at the Historic Sail Loft on the Washington Navy Yard, in Washington, D.C.

Wonderful music from 33 students who particpated in the 2017 Spring Flute Recital!

Jacey was outstanding in 2017 and auditioned successfully to participate in PMEA State Orchestra!  Great Job, Jacey!  

Kudos to these three students who made it into PMEA Region 5 band, 2017! Mallory, Jacey and Michelle!

Congratulations to the six students who won top spots in

PMEA district band and orchestra, 2017!  


The piece this year was Mozart's Concerto in G major, 2nd and 3rd movements.  The students also were judged on scales.  Mallory moved up to first chair, so we were so excited to hear her beautiful flute solos during the concert!








December 1, 2016


Hailey has been a top-notch, hard-working flutist and was just nominated for Honors Band in her county.  She is also a leader in the middle school flute ensemble, and just played her first gig (a musical at a local church). She is in the 7th grade. Congrats, Hailey, and keep up the good work!


November 2016


Good job Jacey and Emily!

These two upperclassmen were both nominated and particpated 

County Orchestra.






October 6, 2016:  


A big congratulations to both Michele and Jacey, high school juniors,  for auditioning and winning spots in the Harrisburg Youth Symphony.  


They had to prepare and audition on a Beethoven orchestral excerpt and scales.


In addition, Michele performed the "Scherzo" from the Suite by Widor, and Jacey performed the "Fantasie" by Faure.


It is very difficult to win a spot in this symphony, and we are very proud of their accomplishments. 




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