Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!
                                  Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!

Why should YOU join KinderFlute?

   -KinderFlute is unique, as it is the only progam in Central PA that starts kids as young as 4 on the flute

   -Early musical learning improves focus, attention and learning in many other facets of young kids lives

   -KinderFlute gives kids a passion for music and a hobby that can continue across their lifespan

   -Music theory is presented in activity-based program so that they want to keep learning

   -Children learn to play the flute and can apply the skills learned to other instruments later, if desired

   -Children enjoy accomplishing tasks that are presented in a sequential and organized manner, buiding


   -Children make friends in the class and benefit from group music skills

   -Besides all the above, it is just plain FUN!




Kids are not meant to sit still! 

KinderFlute intersperses high-energy activities and games with short but intense periods of music skills and learning, to achieve maximum potential in kids ages 4-8. Please visit the KinderFlute-Academy website and Kinderflute-Academy's Facebook page to learn more about KinderFlute.                                                                        


Breakdown of KinderFlute Costs

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