Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!
                                  Instruction, Merchandise, Repair and Flute-art!
Molly Shortridge, Flute Instructor and owner


About the Instructor and 

The Fluteplace of Central PA, LLC


The Fluteplace owner, Molly Shortridge, has been teaching flute in Central PA for nearly 15 years.  Before that, she taught in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and was a music therapist for 7 years. She studied flute performance at Temple University with David Cramer, associate Principal of the Philadlephia Orchestra.  She later went on to study the flute extensively with Clifford Tretick.  Currently, she is managing the Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center in Mechanicsburg, as a co-owner of Integrity Arts, LLC.  She is also the flute teacher at State Street Academy of Music in Harrisburg, and The Pollock Center for Performing Arts in Camphill.  When not in those locations, she can be found teaching flute at Mechanicsbug Senior High School.  In addition, Molly is a freelance performer in orchestras, pit orchestras, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist around the Central PA region.  Molly is a member of the MidState Ballet orchestra.  She also has toured  as a flutist with the Market Square Singers in Central Italy.


Many of Molly's students have gone on to study music in compostion, performance and education at conservatories and universities.  One has gone in to the United States Marine Band, right out of high school.  At the middle and high school level, many students have won spots in the Harrisburg Youth Symphony, and won the symphonies's concerto soloist competitions.  Frequently, students make it into PMEA's county, district, regional and state bands and orchestras. 


Molly has been a presenter at the National Flute Association and the Mid-Atlantic Flute Conference. She also yearly helps train flutists from around the world at Kathy Blocki's KinderFlute training classes.  Kathy Blocki is the founder of the Blocki FLute Method and KinderFluteTM and is a huge source of Molly's teaching inspiration!


Molly was previously a music therapist in the mental health field, homeschooled her children and is currently co-owner of the Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center in Mechanicsburg, PA.  This is a large arts center, with over 20 teachers in every instrument, art and acting, and teaches hundreds of students. 



Molly is also the owner of The Fluteplace and KinderFlute Academy, where children as young as the age of 4 are welcome to start making music!  In the summer, camps introduce kids to the joys of music and learning.  Our ongoing program,  KinderFlute-Academy  teaches kids from ages 4-8 in classes and lessons. The little ones get to learn the basics of music and have lots of fun in the process; They get to move around, be creative, learn to play the flute and  learn lots of music theory along the way.  


For pre-teens,  teens, and adults there are flute ensembles, flute classes, workshops and camps. Individual lesssons help solidify each flutists skills and lessons are tailored to suit each person's goals and learning abilities. 


Adults are also welcome to join ensembles and take lessons.  All ages are invited to explore new skills as beginner flutists or regain the passion they once had on their instrument.


In addition to instruction, Molly has a passion for visual art and wishes to support local artists by having them create flute-art and music-related art, which can be sold thru The Fluteplace of Central PA. Any interested artists are welcome to give us a call to discuss potential collaboration. 


Because the quality of flutes matter, Molly has some options on hand to purchase or rent.  She also collaborates with Warfield's Fine Flutes in order to provide even more flute brands that are of high quality.  Flutes also need to be in good repair, so Molly hand-delivers the flutes to Mr. Warfield and checkis them out before delivery back to the student!


Lastly, the Fluteplace is happy to provide sales of music and accessories to students.  The Fluteplace keeps high-quality music and flute methods on hand for purchase that students regulalry use in lessons.  Music accessories help with learning, holding the flute, blowing and are sometimes just plain fun!


We are happy to have any new addition to our family. Just drop by. You're bound to like it!

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